Gift wrapping and packaging

Each item comes wrapped ready to gift.

Does your sterling silver/14k gold filled/rose gold filled tarnish?

Here, you can wear 24/7. BUT Unfortunately, it does. I use solid sterling silver/gold filled in my handmade jewelry, which means it will tarnish over time.

The speed and degree of tarnishing vary depending on the wearer and the environment the jewelry is stored in.

Is your product made from real gold?

Yes, most of the product is made of gold or sterling silver covered gold which means it will last.

Custom and personalized orders

Most of my product is manufactured in America for long term benefits to the country and the economy. I also spend the time making and packaging my own pieces after sale which takes a little time and care.

Will you write a note for a gift?

Yes, I would be happy to write a note with gift. Please let me know what you would like it to say at checkout.

When will my order ship?

Production time is currently 1 -3 business days. Should something change I will message you.

How do I care for handmade jewelry?

Store properly : When you're not wearing or cleaning your handmade jewelry, keep it safe from loss as well as tarnish and age in your jewelry box. Never store your silver handmade earrings or other silver jewelry pieces in the open air, as this will make them tarnish faster. Silver jewelry should always be stored separately from other jewelry in airtight plastic bags to prevent scratching from other jewelry and tarnishing from the moisture in the air. 

Be careful when using body sprays, perfumes, any hair products or household products. 

DO NOT take your gold/silver jewelry into spa.

How do I know what length to select?

• Grab a measuring tape 
• Wrap it around your neck or wrist
• Position the measuring tape where you would like the necklace or bracelet to rest
• Once you have decided the position, that will be your length measurement
• Lengths are measured from end to end, the clasp is included in length

What does delicate jewelry mean?

I make jewelry that is dainty in nature. It will look thin but, it is sturdy and well made. The chain size is 2 X 1.4 MM on most items to give you a reference. Please understand this will be your chain size at purchase. I make sure I sell necklaces that I would wear and because I do not like bulky chains I do not sell them. Thank you for understanding this.