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Why Jewelry Is The Best Gift

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why jewelry makes the best gift

There is something about actually giving a gift. I used to think that people just wanted gift cards and there probably was a time when that was true, but that has changed. For the past few years the people in my life have been all about thoughtful gifts.

Half of the items purchased from Delicate and Layered are gifts which makes sense. People write the sweetest cards and I really enjoy being a part of their handwritten notes. So, why jewelry?

  1. There are so many options. Jewelry comes in so many styles. No matter who the woman is the likelihood that you will find something that fits her personality and style is very high.

  2. It’s personal. Jewelry is so personal. You can’t really buy someone a necklace or a pair of earrings that they adore without knowing multiple things about them. Say your friend is not a huge necklace person, but she loves hiking. If you buy her a compass necklace or a hikers necklace she will more than likely love it and wear it even though jewelry is not her thing.

  3. It is something that people may or may not buy for themselves. You know those things that you love having, but don't necessarily buy for yourself for whatever reason? Jewelry is one of those for some people they will love it but may not go get it. I used to be like that. Jewelry was a thing my mom gave me but today, she has instilled how valuable it is and some of the pieces I was given I still wear today.

  4. Jewelry creates moments and stories. When a husband gives his wife an anniversary necklace or a friend gives a graduation necklace it's such an irreplaceable moment in time. And every time the person wears that necklace going forward they will think of the gifter.

  5. Jewelry creates strength and encouragement. Many of my customers have purchased miscarriage necklaces and grievance necklaces. That sounds depressing but we all have horrible life situations and if you can purchase something that reminds you of beauty in the midst of the darkness that's such a good thing. A mom can wear a wing necklace to remind her of the beautiful baby that she had. A sunflower can remind a woman who lost her grandmother of the great times they shared together. 

  6. It’s something they will have for a while. Jewelry that isn't cheap will be with them for a while. You can get the Starbucks card but it will be forgotten within 20 minutes of use and that is not the case with jewelry. You will be giving them something they will cherish for years to come.

Tell a story, create a moment and let them know you care!

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