What's your jewelry personality?

whats your jewelry personality

I have been a minimalist jewelry chic since childhood. If you have been floating around my brand for a little while, then you know that my love for simplistic jewelry started with my Mom when I was a little girl. It was so her style when I was younger, and it stuck with me! I noticed at a very young age that a ‘little’ something made me feel more comfortable and confident than a ‘big’ something.
Just because something is simple, doesn't mean it doesn’t have style and flair. What's your jewelry personality?

1. Classic Minimalist
You know the value of a single charm necklace. You can dress ‘office chic’ with the best of them, and you don't want any one piece to throw off the fact that you dress office-to-cocktail with confidence and ease.

Your go to pencil skirt or printed office slacks are complimented by a flowy blouse or a tucked in fitted shirt that shows off your silhouette. Kitten heels, ballet flats and/or trendy wedges are staples for your everyday life! In fact, you feel more comfortable in your heels than you do in flats.

Your staple pieces: Kaia Gold Nugget Necklace, CZ Diamond Necklace, Filigree Earrings

2. Street Style Maven
You can wear any style that comes out and make it look amazing! You know how to pair classic with ultra-trendy and your minimalist additions are nothing short of the perfect complement. Your crop-top sweater or tank are complemented by high-waist jeans, mom jeans or the latest mini-skirt in any color you choose.

You are an inspiration to your friends, but let’s be honest, they never know what you will wear, but they do know that you’ll always wear your necklace in a good way. Oh, and you have a nice little stash of night out/date night dresses, because every girl needs to dress up from time-to-time.

Your staple pieces: Diamond Shaped Pendant, Gold Coin Necklace, Gold Initial Necklace

3. Boho Minimalist
You were so happy when flares came back! Give you a good head wrap or bandana, and you feel perfectly happy! Fringe and band tees are not fades… they are classics. Platforms are really comfortable, and don't get me started on your festival creativity.

You know how to relax at the beach or a unique, uncharted travel location. Your friends describe you as free and fun. Spontaneity is in your spirit, and you value any opportunity to be creative and try something new.

Your staple pieces: Gold Sun Necklace, Gold Plumeria Necklace, Gold Moon Necklace

4.Feminine Beauty Minimalist

Ruffle anything. You love a good silhouette, with extra. Pink and anything girlie is the who you are-- but don’t think that doesn’t me you don't have style, because you can put an outfit together with less and make it picture perfect!

Your ‘in chic’, makes you who you are. You hold true to the thought that it takes just as much effort to wear a dress, as it does to wear pants and a shirt, so bring on the dress and jacket!

Your staple pieces: Gold Sunflower Necklace, Gold Heart Necklace, Gold Medallion Necklace

5. Athleisure Lady Minimalist

You might be a mom or a business owner and most of your day is spent in stylish leggings and a great shirt. Athleisure doesn't mean lazy… because it looks good on you! You make sure that things always look fresh and wear a baseball cap…well… just because.

You never let a busy day get the best of you. Getting dressed needs to feel good and be the easiest transition of your morning. The day rarely runs you; you run your day! Whether you are meeting a friend for a walk or headed to the grocery store, everything works and flows seamlessly.

Your staple pieces: Gold Bar Necklace, Tiny Hoops, Simple Gold Necklace

I think these styles are so funny because we all know someone who matches each profile… to the core. We also know someone who is two or three of these profiles. I, myself fall into 4 of these-- every week! The point is, we as women have a different mood and style, depending on our feeling and plan for the day. Shop the looks that connect with you today!