Things to do this summer

This to do this summer

I love making a list of things to do for each season it helps me stay up and aware of what's going on. Each season has so much of its own signature that if we are not careful we can forget to stop and smell the roses.

I love hot weather and I live in Washington state so that makes the summer months so beautiful in the mountains. Hiking is also one of my favorite things to do. I got pretty specific about the things I want to do this summer.

Go on 5 hikes, including 2 new ones
Go to a concert or an outdoor festival
Try a new brunch spot and sit outside
Plan a trip
Go swimming
Try a new ice cream place
Go for lots of walks
Spend an afternoon at the lake
Go kayaking
Browse a farmers market
Do something at sunrise
Attend a BBQ
Read a book (I always listen to Audible)
Make a new friend
See a play
Explore Seattle as a tourist
Research an international trip for next year
Finish my Fall collection
Go to the zoo with my nephew
Try a new recipe

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