Summer Jewelry Trends

summer jewelry trends simple

Summer jewelry is so fun! I don’t recommend that you wear jewelry in the water on a regular basis because all jewelry tarnishes a little each time you wear it in water, but wearing it to the beach or on a sunny day with your favorite crop top, romper, short set is a must. Each season has its fun staples and this trend does not miss summer. Summer jewelry has sort of been the same for the past 3-4 years. I am not saying its bad, it is probably because it’s been so good.

Ocean and Beach Necklaces - I adore this trend. What a great time to wear seashells, sand dollars, mermaid tails and all things ocean inspired. Adding these little pieces to your outfit add such a delicate and fun touch to the most simple or the most complicated outfits.

Gold Sand Dollar Necklace & Gold Shell Necklace

Bright Necklaces - This is my first year really caring about the bright jewelry movement. Not that I don’t appreciate a bright necklace I just didn’t see how the trend could fit the simplistic look that I so adore. You can wear light, bright and dainty as a staple everyday summer necklace.

Bright Pink Necklace & Peridot Necklace

Light Necklaces- Light and translucent necklaces work in the winter because they are sometimes birthstone necklaces, but in the summer super simple light necklaces are so perfect. Light colors don’t stand out too much and it’s the little touches that look perfect with your maxi dress or jumper.

Violet Necklace, Blue Topaz Necklace, Opal Necklace

Boho Layering Necklaces - Boho layering necklaces compliment the best sweaters in the winter, but they also add extra beauty to low neck blouses and tanks in the summer. Ultra simple necklaces that can be layered or worn alone are the ultimate style staple and you can’t go wrong with this look.

Gold Coin Necklace, Gold Sun Necklace, Gold Vertical Bar Necklace, Gold Medallion Necklace

Travel and Nautical Necklaces - Not just graduation necklaces. Travel, nautical and wanderlust necklaces are perfect for summer. Wear these beautiful necklaces as daily reminders to pursue your path, but also wear them because they are flat out pretty and will show a unique and free portion of your personality.

Silver Compass Necklace, California State Necklace, Texas State Necklace, Mountain Necklace

Shop summer jewelry that you can rotate and wear to compliment each and every single trend you plan to incorporate this summer.