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Ruby Gemstone Meaning

I first fell in love with gemstones when I was like, 7 years old. My mom has always been into quality, gold, minimalist jewelry. For my birthdays growing up, she would give me necklaces or rings that featured my birthstone. I didn't realize how that shaped my style until recently, when I was digging deeper on why I value minimalist jewelry over other styles. 

I think it's interesting how each birthstone has a purpose and a meaning. Where does this meaning come from and who decides it? I am sorry, but I didn't go deep enough in my research to know the answer to that, but if it’s universally known for something, that's alright with me! They say the Ruby is known for love, passion, health and wisdom. Rubies are believed to give good fortune and protection to the wearer. How cool is that?! To wear something around your neck that not only represents good things but has a connection to your birthday month.

I think that the symbols and reminders in life are what keep us moving. 

I picked this Ruby charm for Delicate and Layered because of its size. I love how small the actual charm is. It’s so small that when you see it, you really just… see it. There is nothing so beautiful as a tiny simplistic piece to bring your look together.

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