Peridot Gemstone Meaning

Happy Birthday August Babies!

This month is a pretty big birthday month for me. My dad, mom and favorite aunt have birthdays this month, so just a lot going on this month and a lot of gift giving, which I actually love doing. It’s not my love language, but do I like showing others love in this way.

What is the Peridot birthstone meaning? Nicknamed the “evening emerald,” the Peridot was said to have been Cleopatra's favorite stone. Most believe that the Peridot is more about internal courage to be vulnerable, and forgiveness toward others; promoting a strength from within and bringing the wearer peace. They say the Peridot relieves age old wounds and heals anger. Promoting forgiveness, generosity, and bringing about a healthy heart and emotions to its wearer. Remind yourself of the attributes that are valuable in becoming a stronger version of the person you are already!

I picked this Peridot for Delicate and Layered because the color and the size are perfect in my opinion. I like that this stone has a little greener than normal, and I feel like that makes it really stand out. This necklace is side-ways, so it can be worn alone, or layered, with a simple gold necklace. You don’t have to be a Leo to love this birthstone and that’s the case for each birthstone necklace I pick for the shop; anyone can wear them, no matter when they’re born!

Delicate and Layered Birthstone Necklaces & Peridot Necklace 

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