Necklaces For The V-Neck Blouse

Camille Turner

Necklaces to Wear with a V-Neck Blouse

It can be a little difficult to figure out what type of necklace to wear with certain shirts/blouses. The V-neck shirt is definitely on that list. The V-neckline blouse is such a good look for so many women. You can wear a short V-neck or a deep V-neck and look super feminine and show off your amazing silhouette.

Short V-neckline- I would suggest that you wear average length or long necklaces with this neckline. By normal length, I mean 16 inches, and by long, I mean 22 inches, plus. Basically, you want your necklace to fall in the open space of the v or about 2 inches below the v. You do not want to wear a necklace that hits right at the “V.” Does it look horrible if your necklace hits right at the V, or is very high up? No, it doesn’t, but does it look amazing? The answer to that, is also “no.”

Bee Necklace, Dandelion Necklace, Sterling Silver Flower Necklace 

Long and deep V-neckline- This trend is so in, and if it’s the look for you… I would go super short or super long. Lots of people layer this look and that can be cute, just make sure you don't do too much. With this neckline, I suggest you go with a simple choker or extra-long necklace. The choker length is typically 14-15 inches long, and by “extra-long necklace”, I mean 25-26 inches.

Greek Coin Necklace, Moon Stars Necklace 

So, there you have it, go grab the necklace that works for the V-neck that you adore.

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