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Mom Jewelry She Will Love

necklaces for moms from daughter

It doesn’t have to be Mother’s Day to buy your mom a gift. What a great idea to think about the woman who does so much year ‘round. There are so many great traditional gifts for moms that get circulated in the jewelry community and I definitely have some of those in my shop because I adore them. By traditional, I mean: the initial necklace; the tree of life necklace; birthstone necklaces and the hand-stamped necklace that says “Mom.” All of these necklaces are so perfect and make great gifts, but moms are also just amazing women who love pretty things.

In my shop, I have a few ‘non-traditional’ necklaces that make the perfect gift for mom.

  1. Simple Gold Necklace - How classy is this little bead -- suspended from a delicate chain. Your mother will love this dainty number that she can wear with everything she owns.
  2. Gold Heart Necklace - So simple and sweet and perfect for mom! She will know she’s loved and it will remind her of the love she has for you -- without the billboard mom necklace. My mom loves hearts as gifts, it’s just a special way to tell her where she is in your life.
  3. Gold Angel Wing Necklace - If she is into meaningful gifts, the angel wing will be a win. You can attach a card to your order and write something uber sweet to accompany this necklace. A guaranteed hit!
  4. Sterling Silver Sunflower Necklace - Sunflowers are so perfect. Flowers, in general sort of stand as the societal standard of gift. Giving flowers has been acceptable for pretty much every joyous occasion you can think of, and for good reason. This sterling silver necklace will for sure adorn her favorite tee shirt and jeans, as well as her work blouse and slacks.  
  5. Dandelion Necklace - Another flower yes, but a completely different flower. The dandelion is known as the happy flower -- bringing with it, memories of Spring and Summer. She will love wearing this happy little necklace that she will be able to again, wear every day.

Shop necklaces that remind your mom that she is more than a mom, but a phenomenal human who wears so many other hats. Shop more everyday necklaces for her at



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