How to Pick Wedding Jewelry For The Bride

Camille Turner

Wedding dress jewelry

Jewelry for your big day is super important. You want to add something -- but you for sure don't want it to take over or distract from you. In this post, I not only want to talk about the what… but the how. Let’s go through some styles you probably have picked and find the perfect necklace at the perfect length, for your perfect day!

Sweetheart Neckline - This neckline is a pretty little heart shaped top. I really like this look; it is such a simple way to complement the feminine silhouette. For this neckline you will want something small, short and sweet. You don’t want anything too close to the actual dress, so keep a little gap there. I would choose a necklace a little shorter than the standard length of 16-inches. I would go for 14 or 15 inches, depending on your body type.

Necklace suggestions: Gold Heart Locket 

V Neckline - This can be a slight V or a deep V. What I like about this neckline is how sexy and bold it is, especially the deep V. There are two different ways to wear jewelry with these looks: for the normal V, you are looking at a standard 16-inch length necklace that is pretty, but not flat or blending. For the deep V, we are looking at a necklace that is extra-long, slender, and falls perfectly in the right spot. I would order a 24 inch or a 26-inch, depending on the depth of V.

Necklace suggestions short V: Simple Opal Necklace 

Strapless Neckline - Straight across is such a lovely look. So classic and elegant. There are so many options here; you could go traditional with a diamond necklace, or a tiny unseen medallion or anything in between. If you are feeling super classy, you can abandon all of that and complete your dress with earrings only.

Jewelry suggestions: Filigree Earrings

Scoop Neckline- If this is your wedding dress, it more than likely has something sheer or involves lace, so, there is already a filled space. You are in the best position to add color or a symbol of some type. If you add color, I would go off book and not wear a necklace that matches your bridesmaids’, but still complements them. So, if they are wearing garnet -- you could wear ruby. If you opt for the symbol, I would wear a heart or a flower of some sort.

Necklace suggestions: Gold Sunflower Necklace 

So happy for you on your special day… jewelry is a great way to add personality and I know you will look brilliant on your big day!

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