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Earrings Every Woman Should Own

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Earrings every woman should own

Even if you are not a necklace wearer, odds are; you are more than likely an earring wearer. I have to admit that sometimes I am not in the mood to wear a necklace for whatever reason, but I am always in the mood to wear earrings! With the style of my hair, earrings normally just complete my look. The right earrings can turn a tee-shirt and jeans into an ultra-stylish casual look. Let’s go over the earrings you need in your jewelry box:

Casual Earrings. I normally wear a small pair of hoops for my everyday set, however, I’ve also been known to add a pair of studs. Whether I am wearing a ponytail or my hair out and free, I can always lean on my trusty everyday earrings.

Rose stud earrings 

The versatile pair. This is the pair of earrings you can wear with jeans and a tee, your favorite suit on presentation day at work, or the road trip you having planning with your girls. This pair is simple… with extra.

Drop Earrings

Something extra for the season or an occasion. These are the earrings that you buy when you want a little more. How fun to jump in on the trends that are happening around us. Maybe you buy a pineapple or an anchor for summer. Maybe you are attending an auction one night and you go glitter and shiny. I believe in minimalist jewelry wholeheartedly and sometimes minimalist jewelry can be statement jewelry in its own right!

Add these earrings to your wardrobe ladies, you will not regret it!

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