5 Tips for an Amazing Valentine’s Day!

Camille Turner

5 tips to an an amazing valentines day
  1. Be yourself -  If you are not into the hype of Valentine’s Day don't be into the hype of Valentine’s Day. Do you. If you and yours want to sit on the couch, eat pizza and watch your favorite series do that and be guilt free about it.

  2. Be with the ones you love - Hang out with people who make you feel comfortable and happy. This is where Galentine's Day and other friend and family things come into play. Go for the way you receive love all the way around.

  3. Make it special for others- Make it a memory for the people you love the most. If your thing is a themed gift basket filled with their favorite wine and candy then that is perfect. It is true that giving is sometimes better than getting. Give something to the people you love and let them know you appreciate them for who they are year-round.

  4. Plan ahead- Don’t wait until the last minute. There are many reasons not to do this. But the main reason is that waiting until the last minute adds stress. If you are planning something for friends get started right away. If you are going out to dinner, pick a restaurant today and if you can, make reservations.

  5. Feel good about YOUR life - There is so much online these days and everyone looks happy and perfect and some of them may truly be living their best life but you can live your best life too. Do what's best for you. Find your happy place and feel good about that this Valentine’s Day.
I hope that you have the most amazing Valentine’s Day and month of February. Share this blog post with your friends and family who need to be reminded that Valentine’s Day can be amazing.

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