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4 Perfect Pieces of Bridesmaids Jewelry

Simple Bridesmaids Jewelry ideas

Find the perfect piece of bridesmaids jewelry for your tribe. Your girls are so excited to be a part of your big day and you are excited to have them! So, why add jewelry to their lives that they can’t wear after the wedding. You can find the balance of what they want and what works for your wedding. Wedding jewelry doesn’t have to be one-time wear of earrings and necklaces that are plastic or over the top glam. Try a few of these simple suggestions your girls will be happy to wear on your big day… and every day after.

1. Drop Earrings - Purchase drop earrings that can be paired with both jeans and a tee or their bridesmaid’s dresses. Drop earrings are definitely something special, but they can be added to pretty much any black dress or girl’s night outfit. 

2. Rose Stud Earrings - Your girls can ROCK these super-perfect and simple rose earrings everyday after the wedding. The perfect dainty touch to an updo. 

3. Sunflower necklace - There is always a time and a place for a beautiful flower necklace! This necklace is one my shop’s most popular bridesmaid necklaces. I know your tribe will love this one for years to come. 

4. Opal Necklace - The perfect translucent necklace to catch the eye on the way down the aisle! This little necklace is the perfect addition, no matter what your bridesmaids’ dresses look like. Some necklaces just work with everything; your bridesmaids will thank you for adding this necklace to their jewelry box. 

It’s your big day, but shop something your girls will be grateful for… shop something you would want as a bridesmaid. Trust me, they will love these finds and you will enjoy seeing the necklace on Facebook as they wear it in every day life!

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