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20 Daily Positive Affirmations


20 daily positive affirmations

Start your morning right with 20 daily positive affirmations. Positive statements will help push your day in the right direction with a mindset shift. Find the ones that speak to you and get your meditation on.

Today is a great day
The energy around me and in me is positive and peaceful
I am beautiful inside and out
I have great ideas throughout the day
I am confident in the woman that I am
I am not afraid to be completely myself
Success is a normal part of my life
I celebrate the good in others
My mind and my spirit are relaxed
All of my thoughts about myself are uplifting and kind
My energy attracts good things
I only attract positive relationships
I am my best source of happiness and motivation
My future is brighter than my past
I am human and I allow myself to make mistakes
I love my body as it is right now
I am worthy of love and I only accept the best
I am mindful of those around me
I allow others to be who they are without fear or judgment
Everything I need to do well is already in me

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